Kashmir Record & Research Council (KRRC) developed as a consequence of the activities of Kashmiri students studying in different medical colleges, who   planned to publish a magazine to provide all the information related to Kashmir in a very concise volume. They set up a committee with the name”Inter Medical Collegiate Kashmiri Magazine Committee” in 1984. It was headed by Dr. Ahsan Raheel, Dr. Khawaja Ghulam Mustafa and Dr. Mumtaz Gilgiti was also actively involved in it. This committee published the Magazine and promoted other student activities along with their studies. In 1990, these young doctors in collaboration with other Kashmiri professionals and activists set together and formed a small organization,   Kashmir Record & Research Cell (KRRC), later its name was changed to Kashmir Record & Research Council. (KRRC) KRRC was established to achieve the following objectives.


To maintain the record of Kashmir History from ancient to modern times, particularly contemporary history of political, economic, legal, social and cultural aspects.

To carry out research and provide assistance for research work on any aspect of Kashmir and Kashmir issue.

To highlight the situation of Kashmir in its true perspective on national and international levels through all available means of communication.

To propagate the Kashmir issue in its logical form, for international understanding and public awareness.

To start different project for benefit of the Kashmiri community around the world.

To promote

To preserve and research in to the small local languages and culture of state.

To develop IT system to bring small languages of the state to be able in read and write in computer.


The KRRC is a non-governmental volunteer organization dedicated to research in different discipline of the Physical, Social and Historical Sciences. It however, cooperates with all those organization, which are struggling to help the people of Kashmir and provides facilities to everyone with prejudice towards none.