Need Funding ?

If you have a good idea, you need funds you are at the right place. KCT is seeking Social Action Projects that are valuable for community development. If you have any good proposal donot hesitate to apply in KCT quaterly SAP project competition. Intially we fund grassrooot level organizations upto PKR 20000. Please visit our SAP section to check your eligibilty and other requirements. The proposals which will increase social action or organization which will match up with their funding commitments and the ideas which are large scale, scaled up or replicated will be given ore preferences than other proposals.

What is a Social Action Project?

Social action projects go beyond volunteering and service learning, where people help others in need and learn about social issues in local and global communities. A social action project is a multi-step process in which youth address an issue they care about, learn about it and potential solutions to solve it, then take action to create positive change on this issue.

A Social Action Project is an organized, comprehensive, step-by-step strategy for addressing a societal problem or challenge with an intent to create positive social change in a community.  The components are: Problem, Solution, Impact, and Story.  A Team of volunteers citizens, guided by a Project Mentor, will:

Identify a problem, need, or challenge in the community

Research and develop a solution and an action plan

Measure and record the outcome or impact in the community and on their Team

Share their Story of Social Impact as a Digital Portfolio on our Showcase

Steps to follow

1) Assess the needs and strengths of the community related to your issue. Are other organizations working on the same issue? Are there needs in your community not being addressed?

2) Assemble a team, partner with other organizations, or recruit friends to help plan and implement. Find out what everyone’s strengths and skills are, and design a project to utilize those strengths.

3) Choose an action and then create a plan to carry out your project.