Tourism Summit

Following the successful   culmination of the National Youth Summit 2013, KCT now intends  to organise a National Tourism Summit in Muzaffarabad, AJK in collaboration with  Valley Trackers, our invaluable corporate partner.

It is our belief that tourism is among the most reliable means to  bring  prosperity in AJK.  As a sustainable development charity organisation, By organising this Summit, KCT  aims to hone and utilise tourism for realising the common man’s dream of a developed Kashmir.  We aspire to introduce a  positive change in the lives of people of Kashmir through fair means of livelihood, and it is our conviction that the tourism industry can raise the living standards of the general populace. Special emphasis will be laid on  poor people living in remote areas of Kashmir like Neelum Valley where  basic facilities like health, education, infrastructure and means of livelihood are  scarce.


National Tourism Summit aims to promote the continuous development of a profitable, sustainable, innovative and professional tourism and events industry.


The National Tourism Summit will showcase business excellence within the tourism and events industries. Excellence at all levels in the industry, regardless of the size of the business or organisation, is essential to achieve the overarching goal of a professional, sustainable and commercially prosperous future for tourism and related events.
The Summit will bring together industry experts and leaders, business owners and operators, destination managers and visitor service providers, offering a unique opportunity to share knowledge, learn from each other, form new business relationships and discuss the issues that matter most to your business and our industry.

Entitled “Prosperity Through Tourism”, the 2013 Summit theme will include insightful discussions that will help us explore new areas of growth from emerging markets and new products to innovations in infrastructure, technology and customer service.
The program will feature Pakistan and Azad Kashmir’s leadership in Tourism and Events, thereby ensuring a plan of action that will  promote the best practices across a range of industry sectors.

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