Connecting Classroom

Bringing Change Through Connecting Students Globally. Proposal Submitted on behalf of Kashmir Charitable Trust UK by Ashar Awan Kashmir Charitable Trust is a registered charity in England with reg. no. 1053171. Title of project: Virtual Student Connections for cultural understanding to Reinforce Community Ties among Kashmiri Diaspora and native Kashmiris Connecting Classrooms : Transforming students … Continue reading Connecting Classroom

Library Project

Library Project of KRRC: Investing in Human Capital for Development. Project Proposal by Ashar Awan, Executive Member KCT. Project Background After the massive destruction of Earthquake of 8th Oct, 2005, infrastructure in the capital city of Muzaffarabad was completed destroyed. Opportunities for youth to develop their skills and knowledge are very limited, but after the … Continue reading Library Project

Ramdan Food Program

One of the most preferred acts of charity that a Muslim can perform during the blessed month of Ramadan is to HelpFeed other Muslims who are fasting. The Prophet of Islam (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) said, ‘Who so ever feeds a fasting person will have the reward of the fasting person without his rewards being reduced’. The … Continue reading Ramdan Food Program


Need Funding ? If you have a good idea, you need funds you are at the right place. KCT is seeking Social Action Projects that are valuable for community development. If you have any good proposal donot hesitate to apply in KCT quaterly SAP project competition. Intially we fund grassrooot level organizations upto PKR 20000. … Continue reading Grants


Creating Social Action Projects to benefit others in the community or around the world enables young people to foster connections and collaborations, find meaningful purpose and effect positive social change.  Through our simple framework – student generated, mentor guided – team members are given a voice and a platform for creating the world they want … Continue reading SAP

Anderhal Youth Representatives

Anderhal youth representatives is a Non-profit youth organization. Our core objectives are; Education social awareness and Environment and on these core objectives from last six months we have done work our different projects like Environmental day walk,hand wash day event, winter gifts project and candle night vigil for peshawre victims are those projects and activities … Continue reading Anderhal Youth Representatives

Burnley 4 Kashmir

Burnley for Kashmir has long history of collaboration with Kashmir Charitable Trust. Both the organization are in connection from last one decade. During the earthquake of 2005, Burnley for Kashmir donate water tanks, sheets, management equipment and vehicle for KCT interventions in earthquake effected area. With kind donations of Kashmiri community in Burnley (UK), KCT … Continue reading Burnley 4 Kashmir